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Locke’s idea for tree and stump pulling

Patent registration for Locke's Champion Self-Gripper Sampson

Locke's "Champion Self-Gripper Sampson" for tree and stump pulling

The early settlers were often faced with big challenges, both physically and mentally. Building a home and clearing land for food and livestock were very hard physical work. Sometimes the settlers worked in collaborative teams but they were often alone or just with a friend or neighbour to help out.

This hardship frequently inspired ideas with new skills uncovered and practical minds prompting all sorts of ingenious contraptions to make work a little easier.

Thomas Locke of Impression Bay on the Tasman Peninsula was very keen to make clearing and moving trees a lot easier so designed his "Champion Self-Gripper Sampson"  for pulling stumps, trees and rolling logs . He duly registered a patent which can be seen in the Tasman Historical Museum along with the instrument itself.